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UTML Ref: 4048



    1 x Milhan Makina Twisting / Fancy Yarn Twisting Machine for 5 input yarns, (New)

    Brief technical information:
    •    Configuration: Single Sided
    •    Winding Type: Twisting / Fancy Twisting
    •    No. of spindles: 6 spindles
    •    Feeding Motor: Seperate motor per 2 x Spindles
    •    Spindle Motor: Seperate motor per 2 x Spindles

    •    Feeding Motor: For each two spindles 1400rpm / min, 0.12Kw / 380v / 0.08A / 50Hz
    •    Spindle Motor: For each two spindles 2800rpm / min, 0.55Kw / 380v / 3.2A / 50Hz
    •    Block and Tackle Motor: 1 with redactor at the machine 1400rpm / min, 0.5Kw / 380v / 2.8A / 50Hz
    •    Auxilliary Motor: Redactored engine that provides continuous eccentric, mechanical motion against wear out left and right swing between the weight balls of the yarn.
    •    Inverter:
      -    1 x for feeding motors
      -    1 x for block and tackle motor
      -    1 x for spindle motor
    •    Spindle Cycle: Maximum 6000 cycle/minute
    •    Yarn Feeding Speed: Maximum 150m/minute
    •    No. of Twisting Turns: Maximum 350 turns
    •    Machine Control:
      -    PLC touch screen control unit (in both Turkish and English language)
      -    Workspace trace-programme
      -    Spindle cycle adjustment
      -    Twist number adjustment
      -    Adjustment of yarn length and diameter on cops
      -    Separate adjustment for up and down speed of block-and-tackle
      -     "S" and "Z" twisting options
    •    Start / Stop:
      -    One for each 2 spindles (Red and green LED button system)
      -    Half movement facility for trials
    •    Creel: Opposite the machine for each twisting spindle
    •    Bobbin Creel: For each spindle the creel offers 5 input yarn capacity
    •    Winding yarn Tension: Metal scale weights for each yarn
    •    Yarn Break Sensor: 1 x sensor for each yarn on creel
    •    Output Package/Cop Length: 450mm
    •    Spindle ring diameter: 170 mm

    Additional Information:
    Status:          This is a new machine manufactured to customers specification (Not Second hand)
    Condition:     Excellent (with a 1 year warranty against manufacturers defects)
    Location:      United Kingdom
    Availability:   6 weeks after order confirmation

    More pictures available upon request